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Designing an enterprise mobile app involves a lot more forethought than just deciding on what colors and fonts to use for the interface. User's requirment needs to be take into the account while trying to accomplish the design.

An effective mobile app enables a targeted group of users to carry out a specific set of related tasks. One must need to fully understand their users. What sets them apart from other potential users? What are their expectations and technical capabilities? The better you understand the people who will be using your application, the better you can design it.

Neo Coderz Technologies is specialized in Hybrid and Native mobile application development. We have experienced team od designers and developers available to understand the business requirement and provide with the accurate solution.

Mobile App Design

Why choose Mobile App?

Faster to access

Mobile apps usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and they perform actions much faster too. Applications store their data locally on your device.

Personalized content

Users love highly tailored content according to their preferences. It’s like offering them a tailored communication in the language they speak and understand.

Using device features

Mobile apps have an added advantage where you can code an app into utilizing various features of a native device. So, once downloaded they can use features like Camera that can scan PFDs, QR and Bar codes and NFC to use for payments, GPS to connect with maps and other services

Push Notifications and instant updates

The ability to send instant and non-intrusive notifications to your app users is a major reason why enterprises and businesses should build an app.

Branding and Design

Unlike websites that rely on browsers to support functions, mobile applications can be designed to support swipe gestures like a drag, pinch, hold, tap, double tap and more, each performing a certain action that increases user friendliness.

Productivity Improvement and Cost reduction

Mobile apps help you expand your audience reach in a very short time by reducing marketing costs.

Our Mobile App Design Services

>We have been developing mobile applications for the last 5+ years and have added our expertise on various application development process. Neo Coderz provides an array of services on cross platorm mobile application Development with the support of our skilled developers. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Native App Design Service

Native App Design Service

We provide solution and service in native application development that includes Android based development and iOS based development as well. Since the Operating system are different so the navigation process and effects for the default features are different in both cases.

So the design layout is different in both cases. Along with that the theme design and development steps are also different based on the domain. We have experience in both android and iOs based theme designing and can provide the best solution that involves minimum touch to navigate and proper presentation of your data.

The Design layout defines the structure of any mobile application. The easy navigation and well formatted text is essential for any successful mobile application development. We review each of the aspect with in depth analysis and implement the best possible solution. Our solution always include the latest trends and development process.

Hybrid App Design Service

Hybrid App Design Service

Hybrid app is easier to design compared to native app because to design a hybrid app you need knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS 3 and JavaScript or JQuery or AngularJS optionally.

Also there are several framework available in market to design a hybrid mobile app. That will easy to design like website but will provide you a feel of a mobile application.

To make a well designed hybrid mobile app that will feel like a native app you need following.

  • Good understanding of business requirement: The detailed understanding of the business requirement is essential to build a good design. This is the first step to a design.
  • Proper design layout: Building the design layer over Photoshop is the best approach to create the layout, because it’s easier to make any change to that layout based on revision also its provide a clear understanding about how the end product will look like.
  • Choice of best suitable framework: It's important to choose the best suitable framework before start developing the actuals design. Different framework have their specific features. But which one will be suitable for the development needs to be decided upon the business requirement.
  • Defining easy navigation: The easy and standard navigation pattern that all standard mobile app follows is the best solution to implement regarding the navigation process. So that user can involve within the app right after installation.

We are experience in following Hybrid app Framework based development:

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Framework7.js

We have already developed many Hybrid mobile application and have strong knowledge and experience on hybrid app design. We can provide best solution for new app design or customization required for any existing app design.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Based Development

Progressive Web App (PWA) Design Service

PWAs are essentially web applications that use the latest modern web technologies (including service workers) to deliver awesome user-experience. They have all the functionalities of native mobile applications without requiring from your users to install a mobile app on their devices.

A Progressive Web Application takes advantage of the latest technologies to combine the best features of web and mobile apps. You still create a web application (HTML/CSS/JS) but thanks to a much larger web ecosystem, you can add native mobile features such as service workers for offline support, camera access, and more. It allows for delivering fast, engaging and reliable mobile experience while still having the reach and accessibility of a web page.

Progressive Web Apps use modern web APIs along with progressive enhancement to deliver cross-platform web applications. PWAs are much faster compared to native apps. Users spend more time in native apps, but mobile web reach is almost three times that of native apps. Our experienced frontend team can deliver state-of-the-art progressive web applications that embrace the newest available browser APIs, providing native experience available on your users’ every device.

PWAs are installable without the need for an app store. They offer a full-screen experience with the help of an application manifest file and can re-engage users with push notifications. A Web App Manifest allows controlling what a PWA will look like on a mobile device and how it will be launched. You can specify a home screen icon, the page that should be loaded when the application is launched, the screen orientation, and other specifications. When launched from a device's home screen, service workers enable a PWA to load instantly, regardless of the network state.

The key advantages of PWAs are:

  • Fast: A focus on speed lowers bounce rates and increases the number of monthly active users. Give your users the best possible experience in the modern web, cheaper than through a native mobile app.
  • Reliable: Progressive Web Applications work in offline mode, with poor connection, on all browsers and all devices. Target all your possible users with one platform and deliver a high quality experience to every one of them.
  • Engaging: Increase conversion by focusing on native features of modern web that you might not even be aware of. Take advantage of push notifications, homescreen shortcuts and offline storage.

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