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Laravel is open source PHP framework blessed with MVC architectural pattern. The Laravel Framework works great in creating high quality websites & web applications. One of the most prominent feature of Laravel is that it stacks and arranges code in a very clean way so that the code is easily readable and understandable.

At Neo Coderz, we offer advanced Laravel development services to create brilliant web applications for startups and enterprises. Our team comprises of expert Laravel developers who are capable of leveraging the best features of Laravel PHP Framework to create solutions that perfectly match the client's requirements.

Our commitment to adhering to the highest quality standards blends with a flawless work methodology to make us a trustworthy technology partner. Connect with us and avail futuristic solutions at competitive rates.

Why Choose Laravel?

Inbuilt Features

Numerous useful inbuilt features such as template engines, service layers, dependency containers, and more.

Faster Development

Development with Laravel is fast and simple as the modular instinctive packaging system saves a lot of time.

Systemized Coding

With separate files for SQL codes, the framework enables systemized coding along with easy monitoring and maintenance.

Unit Testing

Reliable unit testing features for avoiding regressions by ensuring prompt and proper identification.

Flexible Migration

Version control for databases schemas enables flexibility in migration and deployment of applications.


Bundles are like plugins which can be downloaded to further increase the functionality of the web application.

Easy Query Rebuilding

Easy query rebuilding with a query builder that provides a set of classes and methods for building queries programmatically.

Automatic Pagination

Automatic pagination that simplifies the implementation of pagination by replacing the manual approach.

Robust Security

Built-in authorization and authentication measures that enable robust security for the application built on Laravel.

Our Laravel Development Services

We offer a plethora of Laravel Development Services which help your business to encase greater opportunities. Whether it's brand new Laravel Web Application or a Migration, at Neo Coderz we offer end-to-end radical Laravel Development, which custom fit to your enterprise.

Laravel Web Application Development

Custom, business-centric Laravel web applications to suit unique business requirements.

Laravel CMS Development

Robust and feature-packed Laravel CMS solutions with an engaging and precise interface.

Laravel E-Commerce Development

Visually appealing and feature-rich shopping carts that provide engaging shopping experiences.

Mobile App Backend Development With Laravel

Mobile application backend developed in Laravel Lumen to offer unique features like big data connectivity.

Laravel Theme Design & Integration

Appealing Laravel theme design and integration solutions that are capable of boosting conversions.

Laravel Migration

Reliable migration services to facilitate seamless migration to or between Laravel platform versions.

Third-Party Integrations

API integrations services to extend the functionalities of existing Laravel web applications.

Laravel Extension Development

Custom Laravel extensions tailored to enhance the web applications with additional features.

Laravel Maintenance and Support

Consistent maintenance and support services to ensure the post-deployment performance of Laravel applications.


We always love to include our client as a team member of their own projects.

Where you can always communicate with your team and can provide your valuable input to us.

We approach towards your business with following vertical rules:



We listen to our clients to understand their vision and requirements. We check project's all specifications and files. We take closer look on every detail and feature. Once everything is clear we make suggestions on what can be improved and then we proceed to the next stage.



Using gathered information from the client on the previous stage and considering SEO strategy of the website. We lay the foundation of site architecture, that includes the sitemap and wireframes of the pages.



On this stage we create a visual style of the website based on the identity of the product. We explore the mood of the website - fonts, color pallet and usability. We create several design prototypes. Once everything is ready to present, together we define the best option to go forward with.



Failing to plan is planning to fail. Before starting to code we read through the user stories to define the functionality of the application. Then we choose the framework, create the development environment and structure the database. Then we convert the given design in semantically hand coded functional HTML pages.



Testing, testing, testing. We test each pixel, call to action, spelling and code validation. We review the site on multiple browsers, devices, OSs to identify bugs and fix everything.



Hello World! Launch of any product is always an exiting and a memorable moment. Once every test is passed, we'll make it available to the millions of users on the internet.

Our Project Management Tools

Reasons To Choose Us

In this competitive business landscape, every client looks for a unique and outstanding application for their enterprise. PHP is one of the most capable platforms that can work out practical and helpful solutions.

We utilize every aspect of PHP by keeping in mind that your website needs more than just development. In addition to just a website, we provide a complete web solution that is optimized and showcases the online presence that helps you succeed.

Skilled developers

Highly skilled PHP developers and implementation experts.


Develops websites or web applications to meet pre-set highest quality standards

Customized development

Tailor-made solutions to meet your simple or complex business requirements.

Agile Methodology

Implements agile development process to bring flexibility in the project for future changes within your budget

Best-practice Development

Bug-free development using advanced technologies and maintaining quality standards


Complete transparency in workflow & commercials


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