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The USP of today’s web design and development is the readymade solution. Customers and even companies used to purchase or download the already build theme design and customize that and make it ready for the business. The key point is time saving that includes cost saving as well.

It’s not possible for a readymade design to fulfil complete business requirement. Also as the same template is sold to multiple clients and companies that creates a question mark on your website uniqueness.

To get a website that is tailor-made with a unique look and functionality to match the uniqueness of your brand, you need to hire the services of a seasoned web design company like Neo Coderz Technologies.

Why choose Custom Web Design?

Personalized Solutions

The customized solutions give a unique look to your website, helping you integrate only the features that are useful for your business activities

Size & Scalability

A custom web design gives you the option to expand your website as per the changing requirements of your business.

Control & Security

You gain more independence and control, as a custom web design is built according to the exclusive needs of your business.

Our Custom Web Design Services

We have been developing web applications for the last 5+ years and have added our expertise on various web application development frameworks and services. Neo Coderz provides an array of services on custom web designing with the support of our skilled web designers. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Responsive Web Designing using latest Bootstrap Framework

Responsive Web Designing using latest Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is the most used responsive framework. We use the latest version of Bootstrap framework to build our custom design. We choose Bootstrap to standardise our development process also to fast our development process using already build and tested framework structure.

The look and feel and design flow will be completely customized based on the business requirement.

Custom Mobile App Design

Custom Mobile App Design

We as an app design and development company also provide custom app design based on your business requirement. While developing a hybrid mobile app we can build your app design from scratch without using any existing framework.

We will use HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery or AngularJS to build a custom design mobile app with unique look and feel and layout.

We will use all standard components that is required to build the design but the core structure and layout will be build from scratch.

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Our Project Management Tools

Reasons To Choose Us

In this competitive business landscape, every client looks for a unique and outstanding application for their enterprise. PHP is one of the most capable platforms that can work out practical and helpful solutions.

We utilize every aspect of PHP by keeping in mind that your website needs more than just development. In addition to just a website, we provide a complete web solution that is optimized and showcases the online presence that helps you succeed.

Skilled developers

Highly skilled PHP developers and implementation experts.


Develops websites or web applications to meet pre-set highest quality standards

Customized development

Tailor-made solutions to meet your simple or complex business requirements.

Agile Methodology

Implements agile development process to bring flexibility in the project for future changes within your budget

Best-practice Development

Bug-free development using advanced technologies and maintaining quality standards


Complete transparency in workflow & commercials


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